Scholarships & Financial Assistance

Members of the Down Syndrome Association of Delaware can request scholarships or financial assistance for various needs and activities to not exceed $300 per family per year.

  • Membership dues and contact information must be current at time of application.
  • Approval of application is at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee and /or Board of Directors.

Scholarships Applications apply to such things as:

  • Summer Camps
  • Fine Arts – Music – Art – Dance
  • Recreational Sports
  • Educational conference and seminars
  • Therapeutic Riding

Apply for a Scholarship

Email confirmation will be provided upon receipt of application. Notification of approval will be provided on a timely basis by email or US Mail.

Update your membership dues

We know the current health crisis has caused hardship to some of our families at an unprecedented level and we want to do everything we can to offer assistance and support. For this reason, we are opening a temporary Financial Assistance Program to any DSA of DE members experiencing financial hardship because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The program will remain open until September 1, 2020 or until we run out of dedicated funds.

The funding is designed specifically to help individuals with Down syndrome and their families who have an immediate tangible financial need as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and are unable to obtain timely help through other social service channels. 

Financial assistance requests can be fulfilled by a $100 gift card to your local grocery store.

The program is open to DSA of DE members, who have an individual with Down syndrome living within their family and be located within the state of Delaware or within 15 miles of the state line in neighboring areas of NJ, MD or PA.

Your request and information collected will remain confidential. DSA of DE board members are not eligible. The DSA of DE has re-allocated from our budget $5,000 for this fund and funds are limited and based on grant availability. Families may only apply once.

Families in need are prompted to email us at and include “Financial Assistance Request” in the subject line. Please include:

    • Full name of the individual making the request
    • Name and DOB for the immediate family within the household with Down syndrome
    • Please list three grocery stores that you frequent. Note: Walmart or Target not applicable