Children’s Clinic


Location: Nemours 1600 Rockland Road Wilmington, DE 19803 (Rainbow Module)

To schedule an appointment, call: 302-651-4200

The Down Syndrome Program at Nemours provides a coordinated, multi-specialty approach to address every child’s medical, developmental and social needs — helping them reach their full health and developmental potential. Families can also receive care prenatally.

Their team not only provides medical care and referrals, we also offer emotional and psychosocial support, as well as genetic services for each patient and family. In a single visit, we can address all aspects of your child’s care:

  • assessing, monitoring and working to prevent medical issues that can be associated with Down syndrome
  • providing continuity and coordination of ongoing subspecialist medical care
  • screening for PT, OT and speech/feeding therapies
  • providing resources and support opportunities for you and your child to interact with other families and children with Down syndrome
  • Ongoing follow-up care to prevent and address conditions that may occur in individuals with Down syndrome

What You Can Expect At Your Visit

Visits to the Down Syndrome Program are comprehensive and typically last about 60 to 90 minutes. At each visit, your child will be evaluated by our pediatric geneticist or physician assistant, who will recommend appropriate tests and referrals.

Therapy services (physical, occupational and speech/language therapy) are critical elements to managing Down syndrome in children. During your visit, your child’s therapy services will be reviewed by a physical therapist, whose goal is to ensure that an individualized therapy plan is in place and maintained for your child’s specific developmental needs. Our team will also offer guidance, on a consultative basis, regarding speech/language and feeding concerns.

Also an integral part of the team is our social worker, who provides support for families and assists with insurance concerns, transportation and other issues.

The Down Syndrome Association of Delaware has several parents of individuals with Down syndrome and two self-advocate adults with Down syndrome who work within clinic meeting new families. You will meet one of them at your visit- they will welcome you with open arms!

The Team

  • Medical Providers:
    • Geneticist: Dr. Nina Powell-Hamilton, MD, FAAP, FACMG
    • Physician Assistant: Lauren Davey, MMS, MSPH, PA-C
  • Behavioral Medicine (Psychology):
    • Dr. Brian Freedman, PhD
  • Therapists:
    • Speech/Feeding Therapy: Gianie Perez, CCC-SLP
    • Physical Therapy: Karen Josefyk, MSR, PT, PCS
  • Social Work:
    • Alexandria (“Allie”) Nunn, MSW
  • DSADE Staff & Volunteers
    • Susan Blessington, Outreach Coordinator – DSADE
    • Ari Avila, Spanish Outreach Coordinator – DSADE
    • Elizabeth Nolan, Rachel Rhea, Stacia Emerick, Annie Baker- DSADE Liaisons