About Us

The DSA of Delaware was founded by parents of children with Down syndrome and continues to be driven by parents, family members and others who have a passion for individuals with Down syndrome.  Together we share knowledge and experiences with other families, and help and support new parents.  We promote the need to continue to educate ourselves, educational and medical professionals and the public about Down syndrome.  We embrace all of the things our children can do and their potential to be an integral part of our local communities.

Every person is a unique individual with strengths, gifts and dreams. As parents, families and friends of children and young adults with Down syndrome, the DSA of Delaware members have discovered that every person has something special to offer. The individuals in their lives with Down syndrome may have different needs than those who do not, however their ability to enrich, teach and challenge is the same.

Founded in 1979, the DSA of Delaware is a statewide non-profit support group. We aim to be a supportive resource, advocating for the acceptance and understanding that allows individuals with Down syndrome to achieve the same level of access and opportunity as their peers.

Membership and participation is open to all parents, relatives, friends and professionals desiring to make a positive impact on the life of people with Down syndrome.

Membership in the organization is not required to participate in any event held by the DSA of Delaware. Membership does provide for a few privileges:

  • Members vote on by law changes and organizational direction at the annual membership meeting
  • Members can obtain reduced rates on some DSA of Delaware conferences and workshops
  • Members are eligible to apply for scholarships or stipends when available
  • Members provide general support annually to the organization

Membership is annual and can be initiated at any time during the year. Membership dues are $15 per family. To establish membership please make your $15 contribution by visiting our Membership page.

Our Mission

The Down Syndrome Association of Delaware supports families, promotes community involvement, and encourages a lifetime of opportunities for people with Down syndrome.

Our Vision

Individuals with Down syndrome are healthy, happy and successful. They and their families are effective advocates for their needs.

2022 Annual Report

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