10 Basic Financial Steps for Special Needs Parents with Sophie Schroyer and Dianne Machinist

ABLE Accounts 101 with Colleen Davis


Behavior Workshop with Dr. Lina Patel


Behavior Workshop with Stacy Taylor


Brain Train Workshop with Dr. Brian Skotko


DHSS Respite Webinar with Stacy Watkins and Lynda Lord


Estate Planning with Paul O’Brien


Getting Benefits & Riding the Benefits Train with Alexandra Baig


Grief Presentation with Rose Reif


Housing Presentation with Board Member Ed Gootzait


Inclusion in the Curriculum part 1 with Nicole Eredics


Inclusion in the Curriculum part 2 with Nicole Eredics


Independence with Dr. Lina Patel


Medicaid Lifespan Waiver Info Session with Christina O’Connor


Medicaid Workshop with Ann Phillips from DE Family Voices


Mental Health Webinar with Dr. Lina Patel


Partner Organizations for DSA Families


Promoting Healthy Living While Stuck at Home with Mary Stephens


Promoting Mental Wellness in Teens/Adults with Down Syndrome with Dr. Brian Chicoine


Social Security 101 with Matthew Baxter



The Road Ahead with Alexandra Baig


Therapeutic Support & Interventions for Special Needs Parents with Sarah Wolfe



Working with Benefits & All About ABLE with Alexandra Baig