Early Intervention into the School System – When your child is two years old it is time to begin discussing the transition into the school system with your service coordinator.


Kindergarten and Elementary School

Achieving Inclusion – What every parent needs to know (PDF)

IEP – A Guide to Participation for Parents (PDF)

Wrights Law provides accurate, reliable information about special education law, overall education law and advocacy for children with disabilities.


Middle School

Making it in Middle School and beyond (PDF)


High School

Life After High School

10 Ways to Make a Smooth Transition to Adulthood


Transition and Post-secondary programs

Career and Life Studies Certificate – University of Delaware. The CLSC program is a two-year, non-residential, certificate program for students with intellectual disabilities that provides academic, career/technical and independent living instruction in preparation for gainful employment. CLSC students attend classes, participate in internships and work experiences, and engage in many campus activities.  Up to fifteen students are admitted each academic year.

Think College – Think College is designed to share what is currently going on, provide resources and strategies, let you know about training events, and give you ways to talk to others. The information is for transition aged students as well as adults attending or planning for college. It provides resources and tools for students, families, and professionals.

Journey to Life After High School– This guidebook was created by and is a road map for parents of children with special needs.


Adults with Down Syndrome


Housing and employment options

Employment First (newsletter article)

Housing and Mortgage for People with Disabilities